Release Notes

The latest updates to our payment software and features.

August 2023

Email multifactor authentication and email verification is consolidated into a single process. PORTAL

We require email verification for new users to be sure the consumer has access to the email address used at registration.

Now, users who opt for email multifactor authentication can complete their MFA setup and email verification in just one step.

Additional tracking to prevent automated payments on inactive recurring schedules. PORTAL

We’ve implemented a bug fix to prevent automatic payments on a recurring schedule that’s inactive, even when there’s a small remaining balance.

May 2023
IVR can prompt for phone number. IVR

To capture consumer phone numbers, you can optionally prompt to have the consumer enter a 10 or 11 digit phone number during the payment process. The entry is included with the payment record.

March 2023
Pop-ups are translated based on language selection. PORTAL

When the language option is enabled, consumers can view the information in their preferred language.

Multifactor authentication can be enabled. PORTAL

You can now offer multifactor authentication on the Portal to protect sensitive consumer information. For each Portal login, MFA requires a unique one-time security code that should be accessible only to the consumer.

Multifactor authentication can be off for all registered consumers, optional, or required.

February 2023
Recurring payments can consider a first and last amount on an installment plan. PORTAL

We updated the Portal to handle payment plans that have a different first or last amount. These payments are automatically scheduled along with the consumer’s regular monthly payment.

All communications to the consumer, e.g. payment confirmation, will include the details of the payment schedule.

January 2023

Limit the maximum number of recurring payments based on payment plan. TREATMENTS

If the plan details include a maximum number of payments, consumers won’t be able to set up a recurring plan that exceeds that amount.

October 2022

Portal users can make a payment when recurring schedule is completePORTAL

We updated the Portal to allow consumers to make a new payment when their recurring schedule has been completed.

Making receipts accessible online for registered Portal usersPORTAL

We’re making it easier for consumers to access previous receipts for payments or donations made on the Portal.

From the Payment History page, consumers can click confirmation number to view or print their receipt for a previous payment or donation.

Final payment description for Recurring Payments can be customizedTREATMENTS

Consumers receive a warning about any final payment due after their recurring payment is complete. We’ve added the ability to customize this language based on your needs.

June 2022

Customizations for recurring payments TREATMENTS

  • Set a minimum or maximum amount, or both. Payment limits can be a flat amount or a percentage of the balance, and can be set for a segment of consumers.
  • Allow recurring only for targeted consumers on installment plans. You can target consumers based on file information, like creditor or balance range.

Target consumers based on installment plan. Treatments
You can now target consumers based on whether they’re on an installment plan.

Improved messaging for maximum payment warning. PORTAL
We improved the onscreen alert when a consumer attempts a payment over the maximum amount allowed.

March 2022

Limit recurring payments TREATMENTS
Prevent segments of consumers from creating a recurring plan or setting a post-dated payment based on account data.

Spanish translation extended to all pages PORTAL
We’ve developed a secure, compliant solution for displaying Spanish translation throughout the Portal (specifically the billing details page). This change is now active on all Portals with Spanish translation enabled.

Unsubscribe blocked email addressesPORTAL
When a consumer email isn’t delivered, we won’t continue sending emails to that address. If the consumer later logs into the Portal, they’ll receive a notification to verify their email address.

February 2022

Send notifications when a scheduled payment failsALERTS
We’ve added a service to email consumers and merchants when a payment is not successful. This is an add-on service that applies to both same-day, post-dated, and recurring payments.

Limit payment amounts on ACH and Card transactions PAYMENTS
You can now set a maximum payment amount for each payment type accepted, e.g. Card or ACH. Installment plan payments above the maximum payment amount will be accepted.

Get more information about file import statusPORTAL
We’ve improved our file import emails to give more information about both successful and unsuccessful imports.

January 2022

Communications preference enhancementsPORTAL
Consumers who opt-out of communications through the email link can now set specific communication preferences (versus a blanket opt-out of all emails).

December 2021

Notice of intent to communicate PORTAL
At registration, we inform consumers that by providing their email address on the Portal, they give consent to email.

You can adjust your Terms and Conditions to alert consumers that providing an email address or phone number means they will receive communications related to their files.

Communications preference enhancements PORTAL
Consumers will be able to opt-out of collections-related emails by clicking on the opt-out link in relevant emails or by changing their Account Settings on the Portal. For now this includes Payment Reminders and Receipts.

We will continue to send software-related emails for things like registration confirmation and password resets.

Consent change reports ALERTS
We’ll provide a report of consumers who have changed their communication preferences so you can update your records and communication processes.

April 2021

Consumers can now use a military address for their billing address  PORTAL
This allows consumers who are stationed overseas to use their military address to make payments. We’ve added support for 11-digit phone numbers and APO/FPO billing address. Military address support is now active on all Portals.

November 2019

Terms and Conditions displays for guest payments PORTAL
If you’ve opted to display Terms & Conditions to consumers, they will now show for consumers making guest payments.

Improved address verification process PORTAL
Occasionally, an address can’t be located for a variety of reasons, like a new or unregistered address, for example. We’ve added a new zip code validation feature to prompt users to confirm a zip code when we’re unable to validate find their address.

Prompt users to update expired cards in their Wallet PORTAL
We’ve implemented a fix that requires users to update with a valid credit card the month after the card expires.

Alert users when we do not have enough data to validate their account PORTAL
Occasionally, a user will attempt to link an account that we do not have sufficient information available to validate. We have improved the experience for the user to provide more information about their account linking.

Improved user experience for mobile users PORTAL
We’ve improved the zip field on the billing information page for consumers who use the Safari mobile browser.

September 2019

Enhancements to account verification feature PORTAL

  • We can conditionally display verifiers based on data in the consumer’s file.
  • You can customize the number of verification questions that need to be answered correctly to link an account. The feature defaults to two correct answers.
  • Date of death is available as a verifier for situations where an account can be managed by a decedent’s heirs.
August 2019

Consumers can create recurring payments on installment plans PORTAL
Consumers who have an existing installment plan can now take care of their balance with automated recurring payments. This makes paying simpler and more convenient for consumers.

Optional minimum payment amount on line items PORTAL
The Line Items feature now supports minimum payment limits. The limit can be set for card or ACH payments separately or for the total amount across all line items.

July 2019

Users can make a payment without an account PORTAL
Consumers can quickly make a payment without completing file verification. However, the consumer hasn’t answered the verification questions, they won’t be able to view their balance. This is an optional feature if you allow unverified payments.

Customizable recurring payments PORTAL
Consumers can set up an automated recurring payment and customize their payment amount, date, number of payments, and payment intervals, e.g. weekly or monthly.

The Reg E disclosure can include the specific date of the month PORTAL
We’ve updated the Regulation E disclosure language for upcoming payments to be more specific and clear about payment timing.

Improve consistency with Back and Cancel buttons within the Portal PORTAL
We’ve improved the the user interface and experience by ensuring the buttons are the same on all pages.

Improved Date of Birth verification PORTAL
Consumers can verify their date of birth by clicking on the appropriate fields rather than using a keyboard shortcut.

Improved time zones display on payment receipts PORTAL
We’ve updated receipts to display the time of payment based on the consumer’s time zone.

Enhanced payment option presentment
Consumers will only be shown payment options above the minimum accepted amount.