Sample SMS Text Messages for Collections

Nov 27, 2023

Text messaging is a convenient and cost-efficient way to communicate with consumers. With updated rules, collectors now have the proper guidelines for enhancing their digital communications.

If you’re considering using SMS messages as part of your collections strategy, there are a few things to keep in mind. Text messages  are intended to be short so don’t overload your messages with too much information. Avoid including personal information in text messages. Don’t threaten or harass consumers by sending too many messages. Finally, make sure you’re sending text messages to a valid number—verify that consumers haven’t opted-out and the number hasn’t been reassigned within the past 60 days.

Looking for inspiration? Here are a few sample text messages you can try.

Payment Reminders

Send text messages reminding consumers of upcoming payment due dates. These reminders can include the amount owed and instructions for making a payment. Make sure payment reminders are sent five days before a scheduled payment, excluding weekends and holidays.

Your payment of $123.34 is due on 2/14/24. To avoid late fees or collection activity, please make your payment by the due date. Pay online: Questions? Call 123-456-7890. Thanks, XYZ Collect. Text STOP to end.

Payment Notification

After a consumer makes a payment, the collection agency can send a text message confirming the receipt of the payment and providing a receipt or confirmation number.

Thank you for your payment of $123.34 on 11/2/23 to XYZ Collect. Your confirmation number is Confirmation Number. If you have any questions, please contact us at 800-555-1234. Text STOP to end.

Negotiation and Settlement Offers

Debt collectors may use text messages to communicate settlement offers or negotiate payment terms with consumers. This can include offering reduced settlement amounts or payment plans.

Having trouble paying? We can make a one-time settlement offer lowering your balance to $1,200. After your payment is processed, your account will be considered paid in full. This offer is valid for 7 days. Pay online: Questions? Call 123-456-7890. Thanks, XYZ Collect. Text STOP to end.

Request for Contact Information

Text messages can be used to request updated contact information from consumers, especially if their previous contact information is no longer valid.

We’ve been having trouble reaching you at the email address we have on file. Please login to your account to verify or change your contact information. Questions? Call 123-456-7890. Thanks, XYZ Collect. Text STOP to end.

Document Sharing

Debt collection agencies may send text messages with links or attachments to documents related to the debt, such as copies of the original debt agreement or a breakdown of the outstanding balance.

You have a new document available on the Portal. Access here or login to the Portal to view and sign your document. Questions? Call 123-456-7890. Thanks, XYZ Collect. Text STOP to end.

Dispute Resolution

Debt collectors can use text messaging to address and resolve disputes raised by consumers regarding the debt’s validity or accuracy.

We recently received a dispute from you regarding Account #12345. We’ve completed our investigation and have updated your account with the results. Login to the Portal to access your dispute results. Questions? Call 123-456-7890. Thanks, XYZ Collect. Text STOP to end.

Efficient and Effective Communications With SMS

SMS text messaging offers a quick, easy, and cost-effective way to communicate with consumers. They’re convenient and direct. Make sure you’re following the relevant regulations to be respectful of consumers and keep your firm compliant.

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