HealPay Will Attend 2024 RailsConf

May 3, 2024

HealPay will attend this year’s RailsConf, being held May 7-9th in Detroit, Michigan at Detroit Marriott – Renaissance Center Hotel and Huntington Place Convention Center.

RailsConf 2024 is the world’s largest gathering for developers, engineers, and industry professionals who come together to exchange ideas, explore emerging trends, and celebrate the vibrant community built around Ruby on Rails. HealPay’s presence at this event underscores its commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technologies to revolutionize the payment landscape.

Lance Carlson, Healpay Co-Founder and COO, will be attending this year’s conference to represent the company. “We’re thrilled to be part of the Rails community, where innovation and collaboration thrive,” says Lance. “This conference is a fantastic opportunity to connect with fellow developers, share insights, and propel HealPay’s mission of revolutionizing payment solutions forward.”

HealPay harnesses the power of the Rails framework to craft cutting-edge payment solutions that prioritize security, efficiency, and user experience. By leveraging Rails’ robust architecture and rapid development capabilities, HealPay has been able to develop seamless and scalable payment solutions that empower businesses to streamline their operations.

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